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Selected Research

Women and Power: Unwilling, Ineffective, or Held Back

Revise and Resubmit: Journal of Political Economy


Local Cultural Attributes and Demographic Settlement Patterns

Revise and resubmit: Demography


The Geographic Determinants of Housing Supply

Quarterly Journal of Economics (August 2010)

Download the Geography and Supply-Elasticity Data


Proxying for Unobservable Variables with Internet Document Frequency

Journal of the European Economic Association (In press)


Immigration and the Neighborhood

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (May 2011)


Owning versus Renting: Do Courts Matter?

With Pablo Casas. Journal of Law and Economics (February 2010)


Listening to What the World Says: Bilingualism and Earnings in the U.S.

With Elena Zoido. The Review of Economics and Statistics, August 2005.


Room in the Kitchen for the Melting Pot: Immigration and Rental Prices.

The Review of Economics and Statistics, August 2003.


Immigration and Housing Rents in American Cities.

Journal of Urban Economics 61(2007), pp.345-371


Curriculum Mandates and Skills in Adulthood: the Case of Foreign Languages.

With Elena Zoido. Economics Letters, 84(1), 1-8.


Beautiful City

Working Paper: SSRN-W1280157


The Median Voter Didn’t Show Up. The Effects of Assembly Democracy

on Public Employees’ Wages.”

Regional Science and Urban Economics